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You have gotten some very sage advise in the previous posts. I have a couple of Nikon F3HP's with MD4. From a practical point of view the Nikon system will do almost anything you could ask from a 35mm sytem camera and there is little to be gained by adding a Canon F1-N to your collection.

But, practicality be damned!! I have always lusted after many top end cameras but could never afford them, until the recent exodous from film cameras to digital that has made many cameras affordale. I now have a Canon F1-N, Canon A1, Canon AE-1 to keep my Nikon F3HP's and Nikon FA's company. I also have a couple of Pentax Spotmatics, an Olympus OM-2, a Beseler Topcon Super D, an Olympus Pen FTN 1/2 frame, plus a few Bronica ETR, ETRS medium format bodies. I think for all of these I have paid about what I would have paid for a new Nikon F3HP with MD4 7 years ago.

My irrational logic goes like this, I don't smoke so I consider my camera buying my addiction. It may be just as fatal as smoking, (if I believe my wife's threats about what will happen if another package shows up at the door with a camera in it).

If you want a F1-N and have the money I say go for it, they are really cool cameras. You only live once and when you die you are dead for a long time!