Just got back from the opening. It was interesting. I had wasted the better part of the day writing a personal statement for my head hunter and decided I needed to go out and take advantage of the mild weather and shoot some stuff down in Detroit. By the time I got to the opening I was hungry, muddy and probably smelly as well. I met a couple friends, including our own d f cardwell and wife. We chit chatted as I ate and the powers that be handed out the awards. Don left and so I started to tune in to the guy giving the awards. He was talking about some picture where the colours were probably off, but that didn't really matter because... and my ears pricked up. As I listened further I realized he was talking about one of my shots. Low and behold I won best colour. Pretty immodest of me to bring it up, but I did spend the better part of the day writing a paper on how great I am. The bitch is they spelled my name wrong. I just hope the check cashes. The image that won is a larger version of this one .