You can use rotary to process in PMK. What happens is PMK oxidizes really fast (turns dark brown), and the base fog increases (which can be printed through but in my opinion is better to not have). I ran several dozen tests with equally exposed test samples of Ilford FP4+ (rated ASA64) and Kodak's new Tri-X (rated ASA160). The best times ended up being identical, which is kind of convenient (times were determined by visual inspection and some printing, not using a densitometer). Temperature is 68 deg F. Here's my process all on the Jobo processor using 6 sheet tank for 4x5, preferably 2 sheets at a time (which matches surface area for 1 8x10 which I also process this way in a print tank) but have used 4 sheets (which equates roughly to 2 5x7 sheets which I also process this way in a print tank) with minimal additional base fogging, all at temperature and 270ml volume:

1. Presoak for 5 min, dump for 15 sec (removes most of the anti-halation color).
2. 1st PMK run 3:6:261 using tap water for 4:30 min, dump for 15 sec.
3. 2nd (fresh) PMK 3:6:261 using tap water for 4:30 min, dump for 15 sec.
4. Stop bath using tap water, 2 fill and dumps of 30 secs each.
5. Fix with non-hardening rapid fixer (I use Heico Rapid Fix) for 2 min, dump for 15 sec.
6. Stain bath (no rinse between fix and this step) using 1-2 grams of Sodium Metaborate in 270ml tap water for 2 min, dump.
7. Wash on the processor, 3-4 min in 30 sec periods, tap water.
8. Finish washing off of processor for 10-20 min in tap water.

I discussed this aproach with Gordon Hutchings at last year's Large Format Conference and he agreed that this might overcome the rapid oxidation issues with single rotary runs. I ran longer times, different ratios of chemicals, and quantities of film. This gave me what I think is the best overall negative while minimizing the base fog. Color is greenish-yellow. This is a very simple process for my darkroom flow and I'm glad I tried it and it works. It also keeps your hands out of all chemicals which must be nice. I use the liquid PMK so pyro dust isn't a problem.

But you know why I tried it? Because I read a lot opinions that said it can't or shouldn't be done. Kind of put the ol' challenge in it for me. I've got it to work, have some prints that I'm proud of, so don't necessarily believe everything you read!!