This summer there is quite a few apug members teaching various classes at Photographers Formulary.

June 11-16

Sandy King
Carbon, Kallitype, Van Dyke, and Palladium

Les McLean
Seeing and making the fine B&W print

June 18-23

Ron Mowrey (photoengineer)
Emulsion making and coating
(learn to make your won film)

June 25-30

Agnes Weessies (Aggie)
Traditional enlarged Negatives
(ok this is a shameless plug for non PS enlarged negs)

July 2-7

Bruce Barnbaum
Seeing planning and printing the fine photograph

July 23-28

Kerik Kouklis
Gum Platinum printing

You can get to Photographers Formulary by clicking on their sponsors button. Lynn and Bud are great people.