We've had a few really lousy pieces of news over the last few months. First Agfa go under, then Nikon pull almost completely out of the film camera market and now Konica Minolta are doing the same and will be dropping their film and paper lines too. With Kodak's CEO announcing publicly that "film is gone", times have been better for traditional photography and the doom-sayers have been out buying megaphones!

Well, we've finally had some really good news (as reported on this thread) in that Fuji have issued a statement confirming their commitment to silver halide photography.

This is great news for traditional photography as a whole! However, I think it would be worth showing Fuji that their decision is appreciated and that there are traditional photographers out there who are active, vocal and who care very much. This is a great chance for traditional photographers to take positive action to reinforce a decision by one of the industry's biggest players.

I'm therefore asking that each APUG member send an email to Fuji thanking them for their continued support of our craft. These can be as plain and simple or as elaborate and heartfelt as you like. Even if you yourself do not use any Fuji products, lend a hand and support your friends and fellow APUGgers who do.

I spoke a lady from Fuji UK this morning who was surprised and quite touched that anyone actually cared enough about the press release to phone up. Apparently the press / magazine reaction has ranged from the indifferent to bordering on the derisive. I explained that there were probably quite a few of use that would like to send messages of thanks and support and she gave me the following email address professional@fuji.co.uk She also said that she would forward any emails to the head office in Tokyo.

Thanks for reading this. Please lend your support.

All the best,