I would also like to point out as PE did that this could be misleading.

Red Green and Blue are *our * additive colours
Cyan Magenta and Yellow are *our* subtractive colours

Complimentary Colours are

Red > Cyan
Green > Magenta
Yellow > Blue

Mixing of colours

Equal Yellow and Magenta = Red
Equal Red and Green =Yellow
Equal Yellow and Cyan =Green
Equal Green and Blue =Cyan
Equal Cyan and Magenta =Blue
Equal Blue and Red =Magenta

from here you could then break it down further but I will get too tired to go on.
I saw on Luminus Landscape the description of Colour Therory as you have shown with the web site. I like the sections on how one percieves colour but make no mistake .

When working with light and photographic colour materials the above is the Colour Basics.
As well PhotoShop works with these principles.

This is one of the areas of teaching that I think some photographers get side tracked.
I had a good book from college that explains Photographic Colour Theory, but I lost the book .
If anyone has a lead on a good book I would appreciate it.