I haven't made a bellows yet, but I've been looking into it lately. I'm assuming your talking about Porters 'Darkroom Cloth', I didn't see anything called bellows cloth there.

I have heard of this used as both the inner & outer linings of the bellows. More than one person has said that it was hard to find a glue that sticks well to Porters dark cloth, others said they had no problem using the Dupont spray-on glue. What is your experience, and how do you use it?

Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics (owfinc.com) has a nice selection of fabrics. I like the idea of a Cordura type fabric for the outside layer.

Dave "SatinSnow" has suggested 'pellant' as an inner lining. I'm not familiar with that fabric.


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I use Porters bellows fabric for making bellows. Anybody know of a different source for opaque, flexible, thin, and less expensive bellows cloth?