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I know this doesn't answer your query, but which type of Porter's cloth do you use (nylon or polyester)? and for what size bellows?


Have you been able to find a source for "pellant"? I have had no luck on the net, nor at fabric stores. Is Cordura light/flexible/light proof?

Thank you.
No, google didn't turn up anything for me either.

Cordura is a tough fabric often used in luggage. I don't think it's necessarily light-proof, but the inner layer can take care of that.
Here's the official Cordura web site ... and here's the Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics page for Cordura & Cordura-like fabrics.

Again, I haven't actually made a bellows yet, and I don't know just a heck of a lot about fabric, such as what a 'denier' is so I'm not sure what thickness to try.

I had a bellows for my Kodak 2D made by Western Bellows a while back, they did a fine job and used a rugged-looking black fabric for the outside layer. By that I mean it looks great, and it looks as though it's pretty tough stuff.