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If you have to be concerned with the cost of paper, then you need to find something else to do. Photography has certain basic costs and if these are too high, then maybe you should take up knitting.
Really??? Oh my God! I guess I should sell all my equipment and join the quilting bee!!! Seriously James, what the heck was the purpose of that comment? I asked if there were a more efficient way of determining exposure times vs test strips, and guidance in purchasing a new timer. Your opinion they (test strips) are the best way of doing so was sufficient. As a novice, and self-taught darkroom enthusiast, I could be doing a LOT of things that are unnecessary and/or wasteful...just looking for direction, not a lesson in the obvious. Thanks for your input.

My apologies to everyone for getting a burr under my saddle. I will probably stick with the analog timer and test strip method. Maybe one day I'll be able to guesstimate exposure! Thanks all for your advice.