Yes, that tank was a godsend lol processed alot of film very well exc. for the dye as mentioned by Aggie above. Interesting though Aggie, the FP4 run I did after you left, I only had one neg w. a much smaller area of left dye(1/4"). Not sure why so much less. Also Aggie, I think I underdeveloped them jus ta tad...10min/70F. Not sure why either as that's the rec. time. In fact, they're worse as most were also underexposed some. Wierd. Anyway, gonna incr. time a bit for last run and see how they look.

Anyway, the Nikkor tank is nice for when ya got alot of film. The unidrum also worked great after decr. the Trix(160) to 12.3min.

Thanks for all the suggestions! And Middlecalf, I too was concerned about dev. oxidation and rapid depletion, but I used 250ml for 2sheets as well as 1.2l for the 12 sheets,and they came out fine. but I think you might be right about FP4 dev times being close to trix.