So Bmac, what did you end up with. I agree with Ralph that padding is a must. Have some installed on the walls of a small room. I don't necessarily agree that 18" is a must for 8X10. 810 is kind of unique in that a full head shot is very close to 1:1. So bellows extension gets to be a factoroid. I'm finding a 15-16" lens at 28-30 inches works well to fill the frame with a head shot. Yesterday I shot 5 lenses on the same subject up in my "studio". A shootout. 18" Gundlach 4.5 Radar. 18" B&L Plastigmat Portrait. 14.5" magic lantern triplett ($14.99) 12" Voigtlander Euryscop 4.5, and a 19" B&L Tessar. Waiting for the prints to dry so the vote is still out. But I have to say the $15 lens is a serious contender. Certainly as Ralph says, different looks for different jobs. Local ranchers with 60 years of facial sun damage would definitely require a Petzval or perhaps even a RR with wiry sharpness. If Kate Hudson happens along I'll be using the 15 1/2" Cooke Portronic.