Bear in mind these are all colour "theories" - they are just that theories about how colour works. They change with fad and fashion. Politics, psychology and history have as much impact as art or science on them (why did Newton pick 7 colours in the spectrum and try rather oddly to squeeze indigo and violet in after blue at the end of the spectrum? - Because he believed it should mirror the scales in music

"The light is put in the underpainting. The color is is just something on top of it. The psychology comes from the underpainting."

What a wonderful example of the old biases against colour - that extend from Aristotles "colour is merely cosmetic" right through to the teacher telling you in kindergarten to "make sure you colour inside the lines.

Anyone who is really interested in colour should read David Batchelor's "Chromophobia" - it's a great read and will send you of looking at other work on colour in all sorts of directions.