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Drew: I echo the recommendation to look on RFF. Posting a general WTB request is not a bad idea; lots of folks on that forum have equipment that they would be willing to sell for a fair price, even if they hadn't considered selling it, especially to someone new to RFs.

FWIW, I recommend considering a high quality fixed lens RF as a first step. Here's my reasoning ...

If you get a interchangeable lens body, such as LTM, M, Contax, etc., then you're dipping your toe in that mount system, even if adapters are available. The tendency is to acquire inexpensive lenses for that mount. Eventually you have a pile of gear that, if you change your direction, may not be useful, that you need to deal away.

Of course, you can have a barrel of fun along the way, so that's just one perspective.
Thanks for the advice. I was really planning to use it mostly for candid people shots, not as my main system. Also, I don't use a very large variety of lenses. I can be very happy with just a normal lens. I guess that would argue for a fixed lens RF. But thank you for the recommendation.