Anyone have a good idea for construction of a light baffle in the darkslide slot of a plate holder? I'm making a full-plate wetplate holder and have limited woodworking skills. I'm trying to fit an acrylic insert, flush hinged door with spring and the darkslide slot and light baffle into a holder about 1.25" thick or less.

I'm thinking of using some satin fabric surrounding a small channel on the side nearest the plate. The opposite side would have a bent piece of metal covered with felt or flannel that would spring across the gap hopefully into the opposite channel. I thought I might also pair these from oppposing surfaces if I can fit them in. That way they would overlap in sort of an offset "V" shape. What would be the best metal strip to use for this application?

I've also thought of using a wooden dowel that would rotate across the gap and into the opposite channel. Wonder how I might reinsert the darkslide with this arrangement though?

Another thought is a hinged flat pushed upward and across the gap by a small spring. The flat would be just wide enough to enter the opposite channel.

I'm trying to design this so I can disassemble the holder to change the baffle material in case it wears.

Any other ideas?