I have recently bought a Rollei SL66, and it is outstanding. It also has the CZ glass, so no advantage there either way. It is VERY solidly built, again no head start ... but then come the movements/ belows. Although only very small (max 8 deg tilt up or down) it is still a distinct advantage over not having any - the Hassy Flexbody and discontinued Arcbody are phenomenally expensive to get the same effect.

The extendable belows allow for close focusing with any lens (no special macro needed), but, it gets better, the lens mounts and front bayonets enable you to also retro mount any lens too for extreme close ups, making a HUGE saving if close up work is your thing.

Also, no batteries, an internal shutter, and the other standards like mirror lock and multi exposures.

(sorry - I just read Jeanne's comments on the SL66 - didnt mean to repeat!)
the only prob I've had is the focusing screens are a touch dim - a small outlay on a Beattie Intenscreen has solved that.

If the above advantages are for you, then go with the SL66.