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Tell me, when you do a conact sheet of your negs, do you do a test strip to determine the correct exposure? Probably not. You likely have a predetermined time, aperture, and enlarger head height, right? (If you don't, you should.)
Yep, just raise the enlarger head, set the aperture, and expose for the same time. That puts it in perspective! Thanks Frank. When I get proficient (or don't have to work for a living anymore) I can see where this will be a benefit. Never enough time to do all I want to do!!! I liked the suggestion of figuring the base time using a clear strip of film. I'm definately going to try it out.

I've heard of the EM-10, but had forgotten about it. Hmmmm, a new toy. I have too much stuff cluttering things up now! I think I'll go with the less is more attitude.