For years, I've been using large format -- 4x5, 5x7, and 8x10. It is standard operation to setting up the tripod. I like tripod work for several reasons: it takes the load off my back and it makes for a nice, relaxed pace, it gives me time for precise composition. Now I'm using some medium format cameras, too. Mamiya 7 and Pentax 67. I like them for their size and speed. Typically, I don't put them on a tripod, unless the exposure is long or I'm using the self-timer. I figure that if I'm going to take the trouble to set up a tripod, I might as well use LF.

What are your habits and thoughts on this? Do you always use a tripod, no matter what? Do you find that your pictures are always sharper with a tripod? If you make a careful exposure at a quick shutter speed do you go without the tripod?