Including dichromate in the developer is indeed part of my contrast control. I don't usually include anything in the coating, though from time to time I also use the Na2 method of contrast control, which does involve adding a bit of Na2 to the coating mixture.

You can follow the directions in Arentz' book for dichromate control, and by the way it works for pure palladium as well as Pt./Pd. I believe Dick mentioned somewhere that dichromate control would not work with palladium, but it sure does for me. BTW, any of the dichromates will work, though I believe Dick specifies sodium dichromate. My own system is based on adding very small quantities (2ml to 12 ml of a 5% potsssium dichromate solution per liter of developer). 2ml gives least contrast, 12ml gives greatest).


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Sandy, Is including dichromate in your developer part of your contrast control? What's your method of controlling contrast? Do you use any kind of contrast control agent in your coating, like with an "A" and a "B"? Thanks, Neil