What is your replenishment system?

At my stated rate, which is 50ml of fresh solution of potassium oxalate for every 80-100 square inches of prints developed there is a 100% turn-over of all of the solution in a liter of developer for every 6-7 prints of 12X20 size. At this rate of replenishment I have not had any problem at all with consistency.

With kallitype, where I use sodium citrate, I must replenish at a much higher rate to avoid staining from ferrous build-up. In fact, my prefered way of working with kallitype is to just use the developer one-shot and then discard.


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Most serious printers that I know use the dichromate contrast control method for reasons of consistancy and workflow. It is described in Dick's book somewhere, unless he took it out of the 2nd edition.

For the same reason, most serious printers will replenish their developer faster than minimally necessary. If you plan to make a print or two now and again, using old developer will work fine, as Sandy does it. If you want to be serious about pt/pd printing and desire the predictability and consistancy to make high quality prints efficiently, you will probably come around to a point where you are not using heavily aged PO.