I've used every brand of ortho film available. J&C is just fine and you get great results. The last batch I got of Arista 8x10 ortho film had some weird things go on with it. It had these funny bullseye marks all over the film. When this was happening, I was even in contact with Jorge, who can vouch for the problems at that time that I had. I do not know if it was just that batch or what. It is rebranded Ilford film, which is very good. I tend to think I just got a bad package.

If you watch on ebay you can sometimes get the Kodak ortho/graphic film. Since you need a flat interpositive for enlarged negs. the fogging of really out dated film is wonderful.

Bergger ortho film in my opinion is the best. It is just very expensive.

Before I get blasted for my opinions, I have done at last accounting over 800 interpositives and almost as many enlarged negs. I spent a lot of time refining the process to get very good results.