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The best results I had with APHS was developing with W2D2.

First I made a interpositive on FP4 developed in HC110 and then enlarged onto APHS. Stuart Melvin of Santa Fe told me that there were potetially some problems with APHS depending on the source of manufacture of the film, specifically APHS made in the US had defects while the Japanese source film was okay.

I'm not sure if this is still true now but it may be soemthing to consider if you order from Arista. That is to ask for Japanese manufactured APHS.

Using Dektol with Ortho film is an old trick which can work quite well once you dial in the dilution and development times which isn't too hard.

Don Bryant
Best results with APHS was when I used a tray that had been a developing tray at a college for probably 20 years. They left water in the tray overnight to keep it moist. I used a tray that had the water left in it for probably 2 weeks. It absorbed enough old dektol off the sides to be absolutely perfect. What is nice is the ability to use the safe lights to watch what is happening with the development. It's Development by inspection in the best sense of the words.