top of the morning to everyone,
i am writing with a question for those who work with macro. i primarily work with a 4x5 monorail camera and am wanting to maybe start working with photographing orchids, as that is another hobby of mine. i plan on doing most of it in black and white with the occassional color pic every now and again. any hinters on what i should focus on? no pun intended there. i have a black backdrop to work against as of right now-just some old cloth found in a spare room. it seems to work to take away the shadows, except inside around hard lights i'd guess you'd call it-normal lights in the household. anyway when having it against the windows with a thing blue curtain, seems to really draw out the shadows and still give me enough light to see with. is there anything else i should look into, as i am currently trying to find anything on photographing orchids, with little avail. i do not like working with flash units or the sort, strictly available light only-feel it gives the subject a nicer tone. would looking into reflectors work for beefin up the tone? what does anyone who works with this subject handle it-the set up, choosing locations, what filters to use,etc.,etc. any help would be appreciated. thanks!!