Nice country you`re about to visit, ceratto!
Regarding Fado, there are two types of it, Coimbra and Lisboa, the Coimbra one is more melancholic, slow and you applaude it with silence, the Lisbon kind is faster, happier and you applaude vigorously. Obviously, Fado can be found everywhere, but if searching for the "real" thing, travel to Coimbra and enjoy it with a good Red Wine, chouriça preta and a fantastic queijo da serra.

Some really beautiful natural parks, a must go.

Some city images and information. ( a must visit)

In Porto, pass the bridge to the side of Gaia, where the main Port Wine cellars are, and take the usual cliché shot for the Ribeira side.
Visit the Foz area and Ribeira!
I like your route, you`re going to see a very nice Portugal, take always your camera with you, you`re going to see images everywhere in the Douro region, people are very friendly there, don`t be shy to ask for a portrait if you need to.

Well, have fun and take loads of photos!

Que boa luz o ilumine!