Well, I'm from Portugal, and I must say that André said it all. I should only repeat that in the northern parto of the country it's not so usual to hear fado, fado's houses are mostly in Lisbon, and in Coimbra there are also a few (and they are different types of fado, as André said). When you visit Alijó, make sure you take the route trough Régua and Pinhão (also a must, with very nice cruises on the river and very photogenic landscapes), trough the old road that goes along the Douro River. The new highway takes away some of the enchantment. And, photography wise, be prepared for some heavy fog this time of year, those areas are prone to that. Enjoy the wine, the cheese, and all the different hams. If you need pratical tips about Portugal, feel free to ask, I'll help anyway I can.