Yup, Ole is right: if it's a long lasting working solution that you want, Ansco 130 is it. I had a batch that may have been 6 months old; looked like Coca-Cola, but worked just fine. I dumped it out because...... well, I'm not sure why; it just seemed like it must be bad.

Besides that, it's a fine developer. It is a warm tone developer, however, and does seem to get a bit warmer as the working solution ages. Some say that it produces a slightly warmer image on neutral tone papers, but if it does, I can't see it. Good stuff, and I like to support Photographers Formulary!

As to Ultra Black: tried it once, wasn't impressed. To be fair, one bottle is not a fair test, but.... I also may go weeks between printing sessions, so a long life working solution is a huge plus.