Joshua Tree Free Workshop / Gettogether this weekend!

Friday (for those who like to come early) + Saturday and Sunday.

If you can please bring a bit of firewood (old growth preferred but we aren't choosy)!
Be sure to bring warm clothing, a hat, sun glasses, sun screen, water and plenty of film.
If you have work (prints - transparencies) of your own that you would like to share / show off please bring that as well.
It could be prints or transparencies. If you bring transparencies it would be great to bring a small battery powered light table.

Tentative schedule:

Friday afternoon:

Scouting shooting


9:00 AM We meet
As always please bring your equipment so we can learn what you are working with: tripod, camera etc...
General info etc...

9:30 David Wooten will show off his 7X17" sheet film camera and explain how he uses his 6X18cm camera in conjunction with his larger camera.

10:30 Jan Pietrzak will show his Platinum prints and give a brief talk about Platinum printing in general

11:15 Ill demonstrate pre-exposure and offer a few pointers about tripod usage, view camera workings etc...

12:00 Frank Schlegel will show his Platinum / Palladium prints

!2:30 or 12:45 - 1:30 we break for lunch

Scouting - photography until 45 minutes after sunset.

Dinner time! Alan has offered (as usual) to cook up a storm. Although he is not asking for anyone to pay I think it would be great to give him $5 per person.
BRING A CHAIR FOR YOURSELF!!! and a flash light is good too for finding your way back to your campsite after dinner!

Anyway we usually have a big campfire, eat a lot, tell stories and have a great time!


Photography / early shooting = before / during / after sunrise.

9:30 or so at the campground we'll look at prints and transparencies.

10:30 Environmental portraiture - how shooting portraits on location goes well with landscape photography. Using small reflectors and pre-exposure to get maximum shadow detail (for those "glowing" images).

11:30 Questions - and hopefully good answers?

12:15 lunch

The afternoon is open; many people will be leaving for that for some long trip home.

The rest of us may hang around - depending on weather etc. and do some photography in the afternoon.

Please email me your car license, cell phone #, and time of arrival. Also please let me know if you plan to camp or live the high life = staying at a super deluxe motel in 29 palms or Joshua Tree!

It will be fun!


Please email me right away if you want to participate but have not signed up yet: