Andre e' rduraoc,

Thank you for the information and links. I was unaware of the 'two' types of Fado. I'm not sure which recordings I've got the most of, but I'm thinking it is the more melancholic style. I won't be able to visit Lisbon or Coimbra so I'll have to take in whatever Fado music I can find on that northerly route. I have read about the Lisbon & Coimbra Fado houses being a bit touristy and would love to find some more traditional performances with a more traditional atmpospher, but alas, I suppose I am a 'tourist' too, (albeit more low profile than normal I hope). I am happy to hear that I can expect fog, it agrees with my photographic interests and am looking forward to experiencing as many and as much of the foods, wines and of course ports as my body can handle.