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cool. I asked about covering this in the upcoming Les McLean workshop, but I got the impression it wasn't Lee or Les' cup of tea.

Do you teach a workshop Aggie? The fam and I are overdue for a Texas to California and back Route 66 road trip. Do your new digs put you anywhere near that route?

I will be teaching enlarged negatives this summer at Photographers Formulary in Montana. It is June 25th through the 30th.

How i got into this type of negative was out of neccessity. My son in law said to take only a 35mm camera to Venezuela, and have at most 2 lenses so I would be less of a target for theives. As it was I did get into one small altercation and punch out one would be theif. When I got home, I want to use these negatives to make Van Dyke and cyanotype prints. That was 6 years ago. The teacher taught the bare basics, and I wanted more. I read everything, experimented, worked with others that had perfected the medium, and then innovated some tricks of my own. I found that controling contrast was easy with a few tricks. I'll post a couple of photos later once I can kick hubby off the main computer that has my images stored.

If you come up 89 at Flagstaff AZ to Kanab Utah, that route will take you through Zion National park. This via Hwy 9 going West. You can then drop back down to Vegas on I-15 which will also take you direct into LA. This is actually a more scenic route than the Northern AZ route along I-40.