Bright good morning to you also. Photographing orchids is one of my passions, I do all of the awards photography for the AOS and the Cymbidium Society of America here in Southern California. My website is and I was most recently published pretty extensively in a book titled "Understanding Orchids".

I use a Nikon N90S with a 60 mm macro lens, Kodak 64T film, quartz halogen "soft" lighting and both black cloth and a "photo grey" matt board that I got from Aaron Brothers for background. My setup is very portable. Most of my exposures are shot at f11 to f22 at around 1 second exposure. I tend to meter on the portion of the subject that would be considered as average grey and then add about 2/3 stop. Focus can be tricky, but at f 11 to f22, there is sufficient depth of field to capture the subject, but not the background (which should be unlit and about 2 to 3 feet behind the subject). Focus on a point about 1/3 back on the subject as depth of field increases twice as much behind the focal point as it does in front.

I am also using a 4x5 Toyo, again with Kodak 64T (EPY film) and a Schneider Makro 180 mm lens.

Good luck and feel free to email me anytime via my website if there are other aspects that you would like to discuss.