I often wonder why I don't take my camera and just walk down the street and photograph the storefronts and the cars and people on the streets. I love to look at the same shots that someone else took 50 years ago of the same thing.

It is so cool to pour over these old pictures of the way it used be in virtually any city. How they have grown and annexed the surrounding areas as well as how the downtown city centers have changed.

It is probably just nostalgia and I realize that you have to be a certain age to appreciate it but it certainly fascinates me. But then I spend my days watching Turner Classic Movies so it shows you where my head is at.

My dad left me a bunch of pictures of his life, and they too are amazing. He had a picture of his regiment in the Canadian Army during WWII. One of those panorama shots of hundreds of soldiers posed, somewhere in England before the D-Day landing. He said that some smart asses would run around behind the the grouping so that they would be on both sides of the photograph.