Thanks all for such great advice. I didn't shoot much. I took a couple of photos in Biloxi, only for the hope it gave me. When some idiots years ago put up hugh hotel structures right on the beach in Biloxi, people were outraged. Well, those buildings took the brunt of the force of the Tsunami type waves and saved an important historical neighborhood located right behind them. Interesting cause and effect. I shot a bit in that neighborhood, to remind me that 1.) Not all bad things have no purpose. And 2.) Biloxi will rebuild and be a better place.

That said, I didn't shoot in the lower 9th. I couldn't deal with it. I suspect anyone there shouldn't have to deal with any more than what nature has already loade don their plate.

I had great feelings seeing idealistic volunteers working their butts off for people they didn't know, and for what? The inner satisfaction of knowing they make a difference in making others lives better.

What will happen when we have our 'disaster'? An earthquake out here is not an 'if' proposition, it's a 'when' eventuality. Will I shoot the disater or will I feel like Dorothy and just deal with the day to day and know it is enough for my experience and let the tourists shoot away for posterity?

Lots to think about. Thanks all for your great words.

tim in san jose