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Guys, I got a glass 4x5 negative carrier w. my D5 enlarger. In fact, it looks like this one I found on Ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...category=29987

Not sure if it's AN glass or not, but it does look identical, and the edge of one of the glass sheets is 45deg tapered cut. Is this AN glass?? How perfect does the glass have to be? It has no scratches that I can see, but it does have just a few, very small specs that wont' come off in cleaning. So just trying to get an idea if this is usable. Also, is using a glassed neg. carrier Mandatory for flat negatives=sharp prints?? I certainly cannot afford a new carrier from Calumet above ($200).

Anti Newton glass will have a faint texture to it. On my negative holder one of the sheets of glass is AN and the other is optical glass. I believe my AN sheet is on top of the negative ( I would need to check to be sure). Insofar as the quality of the glass and blemishes, the blemishes may be apparent on the image and they may not be. It depends on how large they are and how large you are enlarging your negative. At the very worst they should be a light or white spot on the print and should be such that spotting the print would make them disappear. A glass carrier will be of increasing importance as the size of negative increases. I have used a glass less negative carrier on an old D2 4X5 for a number of years. However my new enlarger gives me noticeably sharper results. I don't know whether that is entirely the result of the glass neg carrier or a combination of better alignment, better lens, and the neg carrier.