I'm in the process of developing a bunch of 4x5 film from 2 past workshops (don't ask why I didn't keep up!lol) Anyway, I'm using a Wisner view camera. I like full focus, from foreground to background. I typ. use f22-32. And I typ. focus on the nearest object, then move the focus, by guessing, towards the background by about a 1/3 past the closest point of focus. Well....alot of crappy shots w. sharp tack foreground, but the backgrounds are all out of focus!! Trees/buildings/mountains...whatever. All out of focus. I'm a bit bummed out to say the least. But, Im new at this and need to give myself a bit of breathing room during this learning process.

I read this: http://www.largeformatphotography.in...-to-focus.html
but to be honest, I didn't fully understand it all.

So, can anyone tell me what to do?? of find a webpage that describes the process in easy to understand language??LOL I REALLY need to get this nailed down before I go out and waste anymore film