Try local colleges and vocational schools. Some only want full time students, but in an effort to use their facilities as fully as possible most encourage “continuing education”. Many have senior discounts if you qualify. Locally one calls 50 senior. Send flames to Kent State not me. Others start at the Ohio state mandated 60+ program where all you pay is lab and parking fees. I take a full semester $1000 Advanced photo course for $90 in fees and $110 in parking. If it weren’t such a rough neighborhood I would be tempted to park off campus and bicycle in. Compare that to week long workshops and it is quite a deal for Ohioans.

Some have converted to digital. Some are still wet. If there are several colleges around you they most likely try to have different offerings. Don’t count on someone at one to give accurate information about what is available at others. For many the campus is a world to themselves.

Example: Cleveland, Akron, Kent area of NE Ohio. Univ. of Akron has wet Fine Art. Kent State has digital Photo-Journalism. Cuyahoga (Cleveland) Community College has digital. CCC used to have wet also, but I have been told that is gone. Someone correct me if this is wrong.

Good luck in your area,

John Powers