Thank you everyone. It seems there are different views on the sulphuric acid.

have you checked out the Negatives by reversal article on unblinkingeye? Would you say I'm at risk of getting hot containers when mixing 50 ml of sulphric acid into 700 ml of distilled water? Should I start with very cold water? I can easily lower the temperature to 5°C or so, as it's winter here.

Some posters said I could wash the graduate in running water. From what Jordan writes I think it sounds like a bad idea. Can anyone clear this up?

All in all, do you recommend me NOT making this reversal bleach, trying something else instead? I have already ordered the chemicals.

Of course, if I had a lab and a fume hood I would use it. I will do this by the sink in my darkroom, not at home. I will try to be as careful as I possibly can, and not being alone while handling the chemicals. If I mess up someone will be able to help me and/or call the ambulance, but let's not hope for that happening.