I have communicated with the seller and until this morning had contemplated driving from Kansas to Vancouver Island to buy the three enlargers and related for a price. After reviewing what enlargers of this make and model were bringing for sale used on the open market I decided against the venture.

By way of information if you are contemplating this purchase, the enlargers are 7 feet tall as they are assembled. The 138 S models weigh about 220 lbs each (somewhat more for the one with the "bells and whistles") The 139 weighs 645 lbs. These are used and anything with the name Durst is going to cost a ton for repair parts. The 139 is missing the baseboard/table. How much of the support that is needed is there is unknown at this point. The cost for a replacement baseboard for my Saunders 4550 VCCE was $450.00 I would guess that the replacement for the 139 is going to be multiples of that cost. The 138S that is the primary enlarger has 3 knobs that we know are broken. The shafts/weldments that these knobs were attached to are represented as being intact.

In addition to the weight considerations for shipping considerations, one should be aware of the bulk of the enlargers. The bases do not disassemble according to Durst. The columns separate to bring the 7 foot height to a more manageable height. The baseboards are large.

These are condensor enlargers and require printing filters for use with VC materials. These are excellent enlargers/probably the best made. They do not however have the benefit of the new lamp kit that Durst Pro/Jensen Enlarging Systems has developed. The new lamp kit is available to replace the opal lamp in these enlargers the cost from Durst Pro/Jensen Enlarging systems is above $850.00 each.

I wish those who may choose to purchase these good luck with the project.