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Indeed. I got myself a full facemask with proper particulate filters for mixing chemicals.

One reason for asking is that I want to do this as part of a business, and I may need to make a case to our local town officials on disposal, safety, etc. So, having documentation that addresses strategies for disposal, the need, quantities, kinds of risks, etc., of pt/pd related chemistries would be helpful.
Neil, THis is what I do; custom printing. I tried very hard when I first got to Dallas to find out the proper disposal to meet city regulations. I could not get a good answer. many regulations or written for large industry, even if you are doing a good platinum/palladium printing business you are not going to dump that much down the drain. I larger concern would be for those on wells. The amount of wash water dilutes most of what you dump to very small levels. PT, PD will most likely plate out long before it gets into the water system. I would contact the local sewage treatment officals and find out about the ppm for all the chemicals that you are using. Give them a quick idea of how much you might be doing. They should be able to help.

I ran most of my chemicals out to an evaporative system in Taos when I lived there. THat way it was recovered as a solid.

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