I would suggest looking on-line at the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) for more safety information on the chemicals you will be using.

There are certain reactions that can happen during storage, or if a spill should occur, between some of the chemicals that you are handling. The MSDS can advise safe storage and handling, disposal, and what to do in case of spills, exposure, etc.

Whenever handling larger quantities of more conc. NaOH or acids PLEASE wear eye protection in the form of goggles. I knew a man working with a face shield with NaOH preparation and somehow a droplet flew up and over his shield and into his eye. The eye was permanently damaged, even with access to an eye wash.

I would also recommend purchasing a bottle (they come in 500mL for example) of buffered eyewash solution and have it on hand. It's amazing how a little acid or base in the eye can render one completely useless, and if your sink is already occupying an ice-bath, you should have ready access to another clean and buffered water source.