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Hi Jim.

looks like fun, I wish I could be there. Have you tried semi-stand development with 777?
Since the SOP with 777 is almost continuous agitation (in reality 50% duty cycle), I would suspect that it burns out quickly and needs replentishment in the development cycle. Stand or semi-stand might not work as it might burn out too quick and leave highlights way to underdone. I have thought of using 777 in my rotational tank on 5x7 but haven't had the time to do the investigative work necessary to pull that combo off. So far I have used 777 in large 'small' tanks utilizing twice the volume required for any one roll or set of sheets of film. I have a medium sized Patterson that I have done 3x4 and 4x5 sheets in in small tubes placed in the tank. I tried Efke 100 and it worked great at E.I.80.

tim in san jose