Glycin is supposed to be good for stand development, but my own experiments with it have not shown it to provide any advantage over straight Pyrocat-HD. In fact, for a non-staining developer I have gotten much better results with Rodinal.

BTW, what times did you use for TMY? And what process are you printing with? I just developed some sixty sheets of TMY 5X7 using extreme minimal agitation with the 1:1:150 dilution of Pyrocat-HD and the contrast of most of the negatives is perfect for my printing with long exposure scale processes.


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No. I would think that 777, since it contains glycin (or so I believe) would be an excellent stand or semi-stand developer. I haven't tried it mostly because it's not a one shot developer, and I'm worried about trying to pour it back into the jug in the dark.

I did try it with Pyrocat and Sandy King's recommended times and dilutions for TMY. The highlights were blown and there was nowhere near the local contrast Steve gets.

Steve and I are planning on going out to shoot on the day before the workshop. I'll make some TMY negatives (and some PL100s too) and experiment during the workshop with the master present. I'll let you know what happens.