I can only speak for my self,

I would post more images if I were mobile and could get up out of my power chair to schlep my 8x10 box up and down the hills to make new images. Since I am no longer able to get out to produce fresh new images I suppose what I have to say has absolutely no value. I have made my total living from producing photographs for more than fifty years. I have all the PPofA awards etc. and the silly degrees that to me are worthless. A person won't learn a great deal by visiting my gallery because it consists of "old historical images'
that personally I happen to like. I seldom post anymore because I no longer have a darkroom, to aid in producing prints.

So since I am not regularly producing new work, my comments and words and experiences gained over the past fifty plus years as a full time professional and have willingly shared with members of this list is according to your post is of little or no value. OK .........Yah, talk is cheap, on the internet you can be anyone you want to be, you can claim to know all the answers. But contrary to what you may think or choose to believe, there are a bunch of us here on APUG that are the real thing. We have no axe to grind, and tell it as we know it to be. Our experience was not gleaned from
a Kodak "how to book" we glanced at during a college class, seminar or two day workshop.

My opinion,