Henning, I was surprised at how helpful and ready to be flexible the various environmental health people I came across were. Perhaps it's just Lund, but I would turn to them again if I were doing what you were doing.

There is no reason you shouldn't use dichromates and strong acids for your own hobbies. I hope I didn't give the impresssion that they should be reserved for august institutions. I wanted more to let you know that there are people who are willing and able to help the serious enthusiast on an informal basis, if only with information.

FWIW, on the sulphuric acid front, I would happily wash glasswear with a few drops remaining in it under running water. The acid-into-water rule, and recommendations for fume cupboards is for beakers with a reasonable amount of liquid that might be dropped. If you are wearing eye protection, gloves and an apron/labcoat there is no reason not to wash off a few residual drops directly.