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Glycin is supposed to be good for stand development, but my own experiments with it have not shown it to provide any advantage over straight Pyrocat-HD. In fact, for a non-staining developer I have gotten much better results with Rodinal.

BTW, what times did you use for TMY? And what process are you printing with? I just developed some sixty sheets of TMY 5X7 using extreme minimal agitation with the 1:1:150 dilution of Pyrocat-HD and the contrast of most of the negatives is perfect for my printing with long exposure scale processes.

For a negative calling for +2 development, I gave it 5 stand cycles of 11 minutes each. I would've done it in 4 cycles but I decided to give it a little more time after 3 cycles. The dilution was 10:6:1200, at Steve's suggestion. The negative looks incredibly sharp, but seems to have a lot of general stain. (because of the accelerator having been scaled back?) I'll be printing it on (very probably grade 3) Azo.

I haven't printed it yet, but I made a second TMY negative of this image which I developed in 777. It's perfect, so the comparison should be interesting. Stay tuned.