When I first joined APUG, I too was put off by how lousy my scans looked compared to the prints. After a little practice however, you can get pretty good results without buying an expensive scanner. My Canon flatbed cost about $100. I don't have Photoshop but use the included software and I think my scans are a reasonably good representation of the prints themselves. Of course you will never be able to reproduce the fine detail in the print but at monitor resolution of around 75 dpi no scanner will. Scanning slides is another matter and using a transparency adapter with my flatbed generally gives pretty dismal results (especially with high contrast images) but I still post some slide stuff just to give people an idea of what I am doing with my color work. Remember, for web display purposes anything over a 75 dpi scan won't look any better on a monitor so expensive scanning devices aren't a prerequisite for posting in the APUG or any online gallery.