Thanks Donald! That does help alot! I'm also glad to hear that my start off w. the view camera is somewhat typical I know now though after viewing my results, that I need to study and practice more. I thought I could get away with reading Simmons book once, and going at it. I've always loved to learn by doing it. Unfortunately, and pretty obviously lol, I didn't have a preplanned procedure for proper focus control when I went out to shoot my first couple outings.

And I too am a avid believer in the kis concept lol
You're procedure outline helped alot. It chimes with my thinking process, and is understandable. Thanks for sharing all that!

1. Geesh. just found the front to back level, I was only doing side to side. ok now i'm set lol
2. I also better understand the proper use in choosing either front or r. tilt to get the background in focus.

In speaking of shots requiring both the tilt and the swing. For the most part, I become frustrated and comprimise, take the shot, and hope for the best. But it didn't really work.

The skill in using a view camera is so much higher than 35mm. I love the huge negatives, but boy, there's no forgiving factor at all lol

Anyway, Thanks again for the help Donald!