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I can only speak for my self,


A person won't learn a great deal by visiting my gallery because it consists of "old historical images' that personally I happen to like. I seldom post anymore because I no longer have a darkroom, to aid in producing prints.


My opinion,

At the risk of offending you, I need to disagree. I will speak only for myself, but seeing the older photos is a real turn-on for me. I would love to see you post a history of your photographic life, one image at a time or ten images at a time - whatever is easiest for you, and preferably in a chronological order. I do photography ONLY for enjoyment, and part of the enjoyment for me is seeing what was happening 50-40-30-20 years ago when it was current. If you don't have prints, I don't think anyone is going to object to negative scans. It's not a question of proving your ability - it's a question of whether or not we will all get to enjoy and learn from a lifetime of your work.