That sounds much more like the time recommendation I would give for printing on AZO #2, which has an ES of about 1.65. For AZO 3 about 40 minutes should have been plenty of time. The dilution sound about right.

Also, what do you mean by "stand cycles"? Is this the number of times you are agitating? If so, you might want to cut that back down to three or four. Every agitation cycle will boost the contrast.


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For a negative calling for +2 development, I gave it 5 stand cycles of 11 minutes each. I would've done it in 4 cycles but I decided to give it a little more time after 3 cycles. The dilution was 10:6:1200, at Steve's suggestion. The negative looks incredibly sharp, but seems to have a lot of general stain. (because of the accelerator having been scaled back?) I'll be printing it on (very probably grade 3) Azo.

I haven't printed it yet, but I made a second TMY negative of this image which I developed in 777. It's perfect, so the comparison should be interesting. Stay tuned.