When I am out photographing, almost always with my camera on a Majestic 2051 tripod, I am occassionally asked who I am taking photos for or why I am taking photos. I tell them, for me, because I want to. My body english does not invite much further in the way of conversation. When I used to go out taking photos with my RZ and compendium I would get asked which channel (TV) I was with.

One summer day (3) years ago I was using the RZ on the tripod ourside of a public swimming pool. A lifeguard inside the fence area asked me what gave me the right to take the photos. I told him the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. I also told him if he were concerned to call 911 and discuss it with the police. He was also informed that if he did not like the way the constitution was written he should take it up with his Senator and Congressman. I finished taking my photos without further ado and left.