Hi Ray, welcome !

I've uploaded a few so far. I would like to add more, but can't handle a scanner and the image data processing program(I don't know what to call it) well. I've uploaded many in poor qualities to my own website, but I don't like to have those in the APUG gallery. Because I respect the APUG and the other members.
Should I learn more with a computer instead of my enlarger? I hope not.
I used to work as a software engineer and now I'm running a small online shop. So I'm fine to be in front of a computer screen, but not feel fine to be handling or adjusting an image in it. I just don't like to do it. I like an image on a paper not on a computer screen. That's a part of why I committed to be an APU and why I subscribed to the APUG.
I used to be thinking the same thing "seeing what you can do is, to me, far more important than what you can say". But now I'm also thinking like "seeing what on a computer screen is, to me, far less important than what experienced photographers/darkroom technicians say".
It's just my feeling, anyway.

Please enjoy APUG! This is a great place to be.