Don't add too much ascorbic acid, however, as you will kill the stain.

What I would recommend is that you mix up a 1% solution of ascorbic acid and add about 10 mls of this solution per liter of working solution of Pyrocat-HD. This will increase the energy of the developer slighly as it reduces B+F by slowing down oxidation.

For my minimal agitation work I use a dilution of 1.5:1:150, which is not all that different from what Steve is using.


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Pot Carbonate is an accelerator and increases the energy of the developer. When mixed 1 to 1 with solution A and during extended periods of time in developer can increase film base fog. I have reduced Pot Carbonate up to 40 % of A with good results.

When designing negatives for projection I would also try a small amount of Ascorbic Acid in conjunction with reduced Pot Carbonate. Try 3:2:200 with 1 part of Ascorbic Acid for contact prints and evaluate.

I got Ascorbic Acid from a local health food store. The brand name NOW is said to be the most pure and comes in easy to dissolve powder form.

Keep us posted. Steve